Ben Keller behind the camera filming a couple talking.


Led by creative filmmaking veteran, Benjamin Keller, Keller Media Works has been filming and producing inspirational, captivating video work for over 18 years.


Using the latest technology combined with tried-and-true filming techniques, finalized with post-production expertise, we craft stunning visuals that capture your vision and bring it to life. But at Keller Media Works, our commitment goes beyond just delivering quality: we know that strong relationships are the foundation for any successful project or campaign, so we’ll collaborate to create a custom solution tailored specifically for you.

At Keller Media Works we believe in a very simple formula: tell your truth. That could be your brand truth, your personal truth, or your story’s truth. Our job? Simply tell it.

Based in Maine, Available Worldwide

Keller Works Media stands out from the crowd. Our award-winning team of writers, directors, producers, shooters, and editors are capable of shooting in any environment and we’ve been doing it across the globe for over 18 years. 

From the grasslands of South Africa to the studios in Portland, Maine, from the boardroom to the water or woods, we can tell your story anywhere. With Keller Media Works, you can be sure you’ll get creative visuals combined with dynamic performance no matter what venue you choose.

Any Format, Any Platform

As a full-service media and marketing company producing end-to-end presentations that leave a lasting impression, we specialize in capturing everything from the beauty and vibrancy of nature to studio sets and events, for broadcast pieces all the way to corporate productions – as well as web content or social media pieces. 

Keller Works Media is committed to delivering our clients their desired product in any format — film, video, VR, stills — across any platform.

Ben Keller, CEO of Keller Media Works

Benjamin Keller

Benjamin Keller has always had a passion for the moving image. His creative journey began with music videos, before moving on to creating short-form works that blended his multiple passions. Before long, Benjamin delved into outdoor action films and feature-length documentaries such as Ishmael, BlueGreen, iMMeRSiON and Just One Step, to name a few. Benjamin's work didn't stop there either — his films all critically acclaimed in the press, won awards at film festivals, and broadcast on screens across the world, including an incredible appearance in Times Square. For Benjamin, storytelling, filmmaking and production in general is something he absolutely loves doing. For him, there’s always something rewarding in being part of a collaboratively-made piece that speaks to audiences, whether it be creative film or commercial. “We all want our work to be meaningful to ourselves and the world in one way or another. I love what I do. There’s always something in each project that fires me up. It’s those aspects, big or small, that drive me to help create the best pieces with our collaborators.”

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From award-winning documentaries to engaging content for social media campaigns, our work is sure to make an impact and tell your one-of-a-kind story. We understand that every project is unique, and we take the time to learn about you and your vision before creating something tailored specifically for you. Ready to get started? Keller Media Works is the perfect choice for your video production needs, available wherever you are.