Who We Are

Keller Media Works is a team of dedicated, experienced, image makers. Led by film making veteran Benjamin Keller. We have more than 15 years experience and can help you focus your story, and tell it in ways that work the way you want it to.

We are an agile group that delivers personalized service and executes with wide capabilities and reach. Keller Media Works knows that relationships are key, and the start of any successful project or campaign. Our team builds on those relationships to create works that meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Utilizing a toolkit that includes time tested standards as well as cutting edge technology, we will work with you to tell your story.

There are eight million stories in the naked city. Yours is one of them. How do you make it stand out? How do you reach the people you want to reach? At Keller Media Works we believe there is a very simple formula. Tell your truth. Your brand truth, your personal truth, your story’s truth, just tell it.

Our team has created feature length award winning documentary films, corporate works, broadcast works, commercials and web/viral/social media works. We shoot in any environment, and have shot all over the world, from the coastal waters of South Africa to the studios on Forest Avenue. We write, direct, produce, shoot, edit and deliver. We can provide large crews or single shooters. We shoot in the water, in the woods, in the boardroom and in the studio, though we specialize in the great out of doors. We are a full service media and marketing company, and can deliver in any format, from film, video, VR, still, across any platform, from big screen to little screen, and even no screen at all, managing all aspects of the presentation short, and long term.

No matter what visual media tools you are looking for, Keller Media Works will deliver. Drop us a line now and let’s start a conversation. Contact us.


Benjamin’s first true love was the moving image. He started his career with music videos, then moved into short form works combining subjects he loved, creating images with makeshift equipment. He later moved into outdoor action films and feature length documentary films such as Ishmael, BlueGreen, iMMeRSiON and more. Benjamin’s work has been critically acclaimed in the press, done well on the Film Festival circuit, won awards and been viewed internationally on theater screens, broadcast screens, and on the web- even in Times Square. “We all want our work to be meaningful to ourselves and the world in one way or another. I love what I do. There’s always something in each project that fires me up. It’s those aspects, big or small, that drive me to help create the best pieces with our collaborators.”