Most businesses — let alone nonprofit organizations — don’t have the time or money to produce high-quality video content in-house. And without video, you’re missing out on a huge audience. 

You need help producing engaging, informative videos that will not only capture your audience, but help spread the word and promote your nonprofit business. At Keller Media Works, we specialize in nonprofit video production and our team of professional experts can help you create videos that are both creative and affordable.

Ben’s ability to capture and portray the essence of our organization and mission was extraordinary. His instincts and insight create powerful viewing that conveys our message so evocatively that I was brought to tears watching it for the first time! He’s a gifted partner when it comes to creating impactful communication.

Ali, Midcoast Concervancy

Capture Attention for Your Nonprofit

For nonprofit organizations looking for high-quality video production services, it can be incredibly challenging to find the right fit. However, Keller Media Works offers a unique solution to help nonprofit organizations clearly and effectively communicate their objectives. 

By creating videos that capture viewers’ attention and engage them using your nonprofit’s message, the right videos allow you to maximize your impact without breaking the bank. From promotional content to educational materials, nonprofit videography offers an excellent opportunity for organizations of all sizes to get your message out clearly and effectively.


For nonprofit organizations looking to effectively wield video, our videography production services offer a unique solution. At Keller Media Works, our work with nonprofits for video production, provides high-quality, creative videos that can bring charitable initiatives to life and engage audiences for more volunteers and more donations. Our skilled videographers can capture visuals and audio that both entertain and

inform while emphasizing the nonprofit’s message. Plus, impeccable production values, coupled with professional editing tools and resources, help ensure impactful results. Keller Media Works not only understands our not-for-profit clients’ special challenges and requirements, but we’re passionate about giving back and doing good around us.

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We don’t simply record videos at Keller Media Works. We also handle script writing and review services to ensure your message is communicated effectively, all the way through completing all post-production work. The bottom line is that with Keller Media Works by your side, you can be confident that your video content will engage viewers, while promoting the goals of your nonprofit organization. If you're ready to invest in professional video content for your nonprofit organization, we can help.