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While we are excited about most projects we work on, this project with Wildlands Trust was particularly exciting. Wildlands Trust is a land trust in south eastern Massachusetts that preserves almost 350 parcels of land across 51 towns. Needless to say this is a mission that is close to our hearts for a number of reasons. Wildlands preserves both rural and urban spaces in a desire not only to preserve but to allow access for all, regardless of circumstance. This production was a year in the making, and approximately 6 months in production. And it was a joy the entire time! And the results were fantastic.


Wildlands wished to originally create a historical piece that would add elements of current standing. Through the pre-production process the goal shifted slightly to talk about the importance of land conservation, with a campaign call to action.


With 350 parcels of land, we had to decide which parcels were best suited to illustrate the beauty, and the benefits of land conservation in south eastern Massachusetts. This meant multiple locations, multiple days, and the need to capture the flora and fauna – the wildlife- that abounds on the parcels. All weather dependent!


During pre-production a list of parcels were identified across the region, each for certain aspects- water, land, wildlife etc. We then set a schedule for shooting based on the best times for particular aspects of the selected locations, e.g. migrations, blooms, tides, etc. We scheduled the travel to the locations around these moments. For capturing wildlife, we placed a number of remote cameras around a handful of locations, as the time and budget didn’t allow for our ops to be on location enough.


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