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Switlik is an old company based in Trenton New Jersey. They were looking for a profile piece that talked bout their important history as an aviation supply company (they worked with Amelia Earhart!) all the way through their current success working with the US military, the commercial aviation market and the arine market. 


To create a short profile piece that encapsulated all of Switlik’s history and its current successes for its website and social media. 


This piece was to rely heavily on historical imagery that needed to be sourced. Additionally many of the processes they employed at their facility were MILSPEC and thus could not be captured by our cameras. Keeping this piece to approximately 3 minutes would be difficult as there were so many interesting pieces of history and manufacturing minutiae.


We put our research hats on and guided by Switlik themselves were able to access a number of old photos and film clips that worked for this presentation. When we were filming in the manufacturing facility we used state of the art equipment to capture every step of the process while working around the proprietary elements of the MILSPEC process. In post production we went through and found the most visually appealing and illustrative clips to create the final piece.


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