• Non-Profit

Sebago Clean Waters is a non-profit funding group that seeks to work with land trusts in the Sebago Lake watershed in order to help protect the incredibly vital woodlands that help create the amazingly clean and clear water that comes from Sebago Lake.  They had a vital message they needed to get out to their donor bas in order to achieve certain goals. A video communiqué was the way to do it.


To create a short awareness piece to accompany their call to action for a fundraising goal they had created. They wanted to take a slightly different tack in order to better reach folks that they may have otherwise missed.


Sebago Clean Waters uses most of their funds for development so the budget for this was thin. There were only a few opportunities to film anything so the piece had to happen in a non traditional way.


As the messaging was the same, we set up a partnership between Maine Brewshed Alliance and Sebago Clean waters and repurposed some of the footage from the film we did with them “For Beer’s Sake”. This was a positive for both parties as it gave the Brewshed Alliance more exposure, and it gave Sebago Clean Waters the unique angle on fundraising they were looking for. We shot a few new pieces in order to round it out. A cooperative success!


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