• Promotional

The newly minted Sea Dog Cantina chain in Florida needed to get the word out. They were bursting onto the scene and wanted to spread the word about their fresh food, fresh beer and fresh atmosphere.  What better way to do that than with a music video style piece? We jumped at the chance, because filming places oriented around fun, can only be fun!


Sea Dog Cantina wanted a fun, happy, illustrative and short piece to introduce their restaurants to the public. It had to illustrate beer, food and atmosphere in a way that showed it was all about the experience.


We needed to capture a full restaurant at multiple locations scattered around Florida. Fresh food and drinks were a priority so we needed to work closely with the culinary and bar staff in order to produce tantalizing imagery.


The Keller Media Works team are no strangers to travel for production and we coordinated sever production dates with the locations in Florida. In order to capture full restaurants we worked closely with the management and picked the best times, where there would be people but we also would not get in the way of the staff, and the overall experience for the customers. We scheduled food styling time and used primarily natural light for both food and drinks, as it was part of the experience at the locations, and how the customers would view them. 


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