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How do you make a piece about an invisible process? Videography itself won’t be able to capture it so how does one show how it all works? With an explainer video, that’s how! We teamed with RIVA, a Canadian company to help them illustrate the back end functionality of their software. This project was incredibly fun and allowed us to stretch our animation legs, as it were, as there wasn’t a second of videography involved. And we learned a thing or two about CRM!


Riva needed an explainer video that gave a very broad overview of their professional CRM product, including its capabilities and applications, while not getting too detailed and simultaneously indicating its power, ending with a call to action.


The processes of the CRM product can’t be captured on camera, only the user interface could. As this was talking about internal processes, we needed a better away. Keller Media Works does not have an illustrator in house.


We spoke at length with RIVA about the intricate processes involved in the product and identified the ones necessary to best broadly illustrate how it worked. Teaming with an illustrator we story boarded the process, identifying illustrations that would best represent parts, or moments of the process. We then took these illustrations and animated them through the process, making it more understandable to potential customers.


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