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Port Harbor Marine is Maine’s largest boat dealership with five locations and two marinas. Their Spring Point marina is the largest full service marina in the state. And when they say full service they mean it, from every type of boat sales and repair, right down to the beer you will be drinking when you are out on the water. They approached Keller Media Works to help create a social media/web video presence that reflected the boating lifestyle and all the fun that encapsulated. Part of that was creating a series of videos highlighting each dealership location.


This particular video was to be one of the dealership location videos, focusing on their South Portland location, both the sales location and the marina, and all the processes that both those elements comprised. The piece was to be informative and engaging.


There were plenty, but all of them were places we specialize in. The outdoor shots were weather dependent of course, but there would be lots of on the water, above the water and in the water shooting. Boat work and service presented a particular challenge as it would not be set up shots and those processes tend to be quick, and no-nonsense.


For these shoots we relied on our experience as outdoor and in-the-water camera operators. We employed state of the art tools to create steady images, and of course we used a fair amount of drone work. We were  ready to move at a moment’s notice, both locally and travelling away, due to weather and to capture any boat work that might have been happening. Eventually we also employed some basic graphic work to illustrate some of the bigger concepts. The result was the product of a really enjoyable shoot.


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