• Non-Profit

Partners For World Health has a major fundraising event every two years, which is comprised of entertainment including a fashion show where the outfits are made from a fabric ubiquitous in the medical industry, blue wrap. This event raises the funds they need proceed with their mission which is to send unused medical supplies from the US to locations around the globe in dire need of them. Working with Partners was both eye opening and rewarding.


Partners wished to create a short piece, approximately 5-7 minutes long illustrating the continuing mission of the organization, while also incorporating testimonials, history, and a call to action.


As Partners sources their donations from multiple locations around New England, a handful of the most prolific, and visually acceptable, locations had to be identified and needed to be contacted to work around privacy restrictions. Outbound shipments do not occur on a set schedule so approximate dates had to be identified in pre-production, with the understanding that they might change. International travel was also very difficult, and sometimes forbidden due to COVID restrictions, so our team had to coordinate with teams in India, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh and Puerto Rico to capture testimonials and on scene footage.


As always, our team was incredibly flexible and managed to work with the powers that be at the medical institutions that donated goods to secure permissions at their various New England Locations. That flexibility also extended to shoot dates for shipments. We were on call for a 24 hour deployment for any shipment being prepared and sent. Sometimes working with contact in other countries where English isn’t necessarily prevalent can be a challenge. Our team worked with the representatives on the ground in each location and managed to get the best possible output from them. While the more ideal situation would have been to have our team on the ground, our remote direction ended with more than satisfactory results.


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