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Keller Media Works was approached by a Canadian agency that was working with Nova Steel. Nova Steel wanted to create a number of videos for their new website that was to launch soon. The company had a large family of steel fabrication facilities and wanted to illustrate the breadth and depth of their capabilities while keeping it snappy and informative. Not only did we create one video showing the capabilities family wide, but also a short video for each individual group within it. 


To create a short music video style video that was engaging and informative. A piece that showed not just the size of the entire company but it’s capabilities and cutting edge technological processes.


Shooting in a manufacturing environment can be tricky, but Keller Media Works is equipped for the challenges. In this particular case we had to deal with extreme heat and light as well as a number of processes that could damage ourselves and our equipment. Additionally the company is large and spread across three countries of the North American continent.


Keller Media Works is no strange to working in oddly lit, risky manufacturing environments. We navigated the various situations with equipment that was appropriate for the different scenarios. We traveled to a few of the locations to film ourselves, but as this was during COVID, we worked closely with the agency and other resources to capture the imagery that was needed from some of the locations we were not able to get to ourselves. Working in tandem with them every existing plant location ended up in the final pieces.


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