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Situated in midcoast Maine, Midcoast Conservancy strives to protect the lands and waters that mean so very much to all of us. They do it with an eye on the scale and pace of the conservation, and strive to improve the world in which we live. We met them out a set of interesting happenstance and it was kismet. This is the kind of filming we love, the opportunity to take our time to create something beautiful that can inspire the audience to help create a better world. Idealistic? Probably. What we do best? Definitely.


Midcoast Conservancy wanted an anthem type video, where the mission and vision of the organization were at the forefront, and the call to action was present but not focused on. A short impactful piece that brought all viewers to the table of the cause.


Midcoast Conservancy has properties all over midcoast Maine, all of which have different unique features that are not easy to access, which meant getting to the best parts of each parcel would be a challenge. We also wanted to make sure that everything we filmed was the highest quality possible given the budget.


In order to make the imagery pop for this piece, we employed an Arri Alexa Mini LF. While this was more weight in terms of getting to the places we needed to, it captured the imagery in cinematic ways that only the Arri can. We chose a handful of parcels and approached them analytically so as to save time looking for the best features of each. While there was an element of happy luck in terms of picturesque elements, a well planned, well equipped production was just what was needed to produce a beautiful piece.

Just wanted to quickly say THANK YOU for putting together that amazing piece. I previewed it at our staff meeting and there were oohs, aahs, and a round of applause at the end. It hits the exact right note and captures the beauty of our lands and waters with a vividness that I certainly have never seen before on a screen.



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