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The schooner Ladona is the most recent addition to the Maine Windjammer fleet. Why this is of note is because the owners took an older vessel that was ready to be mothballed and refurbished it from the hull up. In the process they created the first luxury sailing windjammer that provides a bespoke sailing experience for the clientele. This production was absolutely amazing. Not only is it in our wheelhouse, as we work with water and boats frequently, but we got to spend a bunch of days out on this amazing boat during production. This was one of those productions where we are reminded how much we love our work.


Ladona needed a short music video style piece for its website and social media to introduce the vessel to the world. The video needed to show off not just the facilities of the boat but the passenger experience as well.


As we were filming during paying client trips, we were subject to pickup and drop off in far flung parts of the Maine coast, where transportation and communication were not always taken for granted. Drone work was essential for this shoot, and given the constraints of the speed and size of the vessel, it complicated GPS take off and landing sequences. And of course, weather.


Our team was flexible as always, knowing that we were subject to weather and obscure embarkation/disembarkation points. In pre-production we identified potential locations, so if the wind (and weather) went one way or the other we would be prepared. Our experience with ocean based drone work served us well and we worked with the client to assure that the best possible shots were achieved without any damage or loss.


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