• Documentary

We make  films. We partner with our film wing Dubious Honor Productions and create amazing works that reflect how we as humans move through the natural world. Each film is an investigation into a subject we feel a deep connection with. Like this one. Well Honestly, we didn’t really feel connected to the world of running before we started making it, but by the end we were full fledged runner enthusiasts, because the subject of this film, Just One Step wasn’t merely about exercise. Turns out the effects of running, can dictate a lot of who we are in this world. This piece here is just the opening few minutes.


We wanted to create a full length documentary film about the world, the idea of running and how it can affect us in very primal ways. We wanted to make it both visually stunning and intellectually appealing so that even non-runners would be intrigued by it.


We knew very little about this world when we started. We needed to identify the people and the processes we wanted to highlight. This meant focusing sometimes on impossibly long races, which happened in far flung places of the country. And we didn’t run.


We created an intense and deep pre production/research schedule where our team identified interview subjects, athletes, races and locations in which to film. We ended up shooting in every possible weather condition, sometimes for 24 hours non stop. Our team’s outdoor professionality shone again as we had the equipment and the expertise to navigate these situations. We had to learn to run with heavy camera equipment while keeping it steady! The result is a beautiful film, now available on streaming services like Amazon and Apple TV.


From start to finish — pre-production planning all the way through post-production – we’ll ensure every aspect of your project meets the highest standards for quality. So whether you are looking for Maine videography, travel production services, or need to bring life to a commercial or nonprofit film – let us collaborate and create video to reach your goals!