• Documentary

We make  films. We partner with our film wing Dubious Honor Productions and create amazing, works that reflect how we as humans move through the natural world. Each film is an investigation into a subject we feel a deep connection with. Immersion is a documentary short which delves into the subject of kids with intellectual and developmental disorders who for a few days a summer get to surf. This was an incredibly rewarding project for us, and is currently available on streaming platforms like Amazon world wide. This is a small segment from the 23 minute documentary.


We wanted to create a short film focused on several families and their I/DD kids, who benefited from surfing. We wanted to show the community it benefitted as well as the kids, and focus on the science behind how it was more than just a fun day at the beach for them.


This of course was a very sensitive subject so we felt we needed to approach this community fully aware of its challenges. We wanted to engage with families who were comfortable talking about them because in order to get to the true benefits of these days, we felt we had to ask difficult questions, and illustrate the daily challenges they all faced.


We teamed up with the organization Special Surfers in pre production and they helped us navigate this world that doesn’t get much attention. We found several families who invited us into their home and gave us their intention and their honesty, because they felt they could trust our producers to create a beautiful, moving, truthful, hopeful film. Our Production professionalism really shined on this one.


From start to finish — pre-production planning all the way through post-production – we’ll ensure every aspect of your project meets the highest standards for quality. So whether you are looking for Maine videography, travel production services, or need to bring life to a commercial or nonprofit film – let us collaborate and create video to reach your goals!