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We worked through IDEXX’s creative agency in order to help them produce this piece, which was one of a series that was going to help them as they launched a new service replete with social campaigns and website. We worked closely with the agency to make sure the piece was as close to their original vision as possible and revised according to feedback from the client themselves.


This video was to be a very broad explanation of a new service provided by IDEXX to be used on their website, in order to interest potential clients with the capabilities and benefits it offered.


The main challenge was that because of COVID restrictions, we could not access the facilities in order to capture any footage. Indeed the service itself wasn’t really a visually appealing one as most of it comprised of data collection and collating.


We leaned heavily on stock footage and did a lot of research into a variety of high quality libraries to find the images we ultimately ended up using in post production. We crafted the visual story more around the process and results of needing and using the services we were promoting within the piece. The result is a slick, quick description of the service.


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