• Documentary

Through one of our clients, we were commissioned to create a short documentary for the Natural Resources Council of Maine. The film was to be for a new initiative that they were partnering with local breweries and the Maine Brewer’s Alliance for, called the Brewshed Alliance. This was a loose organization to help folks realize the importance of preserving Maine’s pristine watersheds through a business perspective. One that was directly impacted by the quality of Maine’s water.


This short documentary was to clearly illustrate the importance of water quality from source to product, while underlining the stake that breweries, and other businesses had in preserving it. Ultimately it was to be short, and digestible, while hopefully still being worthy of film festivals.


There are many watersheds in Maine, and many breweries dependent on each

one. We had to pick one, as well as identify the stakeholders within it. We also had to illustrate clearly the path that water takes from cloud to bottle. And of course, the weather.


We chose a watershed that is one of the most pristine in the United states, and worked with the breweries that drew from this source. While it wasn’t easy getting them all in a room as they were extremely busy, they were ultimately happy to help. This production took us to far away places deep in land preserves where we spent hours knee deep in streams, lost in forests and tops of mountains. In short: our wheelhouse. Staying within budget  constraints we also traced the path of water from the moment it dropped from the sky to ending up in a glass of beer. This film won Best Maine Film at the Maine Outdoor Film Festival.


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