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Cardigan had no moving imagery to speak of. Which was incredible when you consider that one of the beautiful parts of lacrosse is the fluidity and speed of the athletes and the game. Not to mention they were a youth camp for elite lacrosse youth from across the country. They were in dire need of some sort of way to tell their unique and powerful story, combining both the educational nurturing environment and location, and the power and intensity of the game.


Cardigan needed to tell their story. They weren’t interested necessarily in the history of the camp so much as the experience and the current state of development and learning for potential campers. This video would be their first and needed to be a powerful addition to their website and social platforms.


The game of lacrosse is fast, as well as dangerous. The speed at which it moves presented a number of difficulties concerning camera work. Additionally the time at camp was limited for the attendees and coaches, so any and all image capture was going to have to happen naturally, with no setups.


Protective gear, to put it bluntly. We took a few lacrosse balls to the head and body in the attempt to get deeper into the game and get some of the more enticing shots. We told them to pull no punches and show us the natural flow of the game. We worked around weather as well as whatever skills and drills they were working on in order to capture the authentic experience of being at this camp in this beautiful location learning this incredible sport.


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