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Brant & Cochran creates artisanal, hand crafted axes in their shop in South Portland, Maine. They approached us wanting a business profile sort of video for social media and their website. An active shop, with orders to be filled, we worked around their processes capturing the details that go into creating and extra special product. From the human to the machined, we spent a day capturing the small and the large to create a truly spectacular piece that speaks to the unique nature of this hand made product.


Brant & Cochran wanted to create a piece that spoke to their history a little, but more importantly illustrated the intense process of hand crafting that went into creating their product.


As full production environment, the lighting was challenging to say the least. Many different temperatures, both in light and actual heat, and the need to allow the manufacturing process to flow unabated made us come up with some imaginative solutions.


In order to keep our team and our equipment from being damaged by the heat, we used some innovative processes that allowed us to get very close for some of the more intense details. While the lighting remained a challenge throughout the filming, we flooded the workspace with natural lighting where we could. We managed to balance the lighting in other situations with a variety equipment we carried with us for this purpose.


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