• Documentary

City Theater in Biddeford was celebrating its 125th anniversary and wanted to mark the occasion with an informative documentary that also had a soft call to action in it. This amazing John Calvin Stevens designed theater had been through a lot and depended on its benefactors and volunteers for so much and wanted to show appreciation for them. This was going to be a big production. A full crew complement of 20 people, cast and crew during COVID. Keller Media Works shines in these moments. This is a segment from the film.


City Theater wanted to create an interesting documentary showing the trials and tribulations along the path to its current state of operation. One that could ostensibly be shown on television, as well as live on their website and YouTube channel.


City Theater did not just want to talking heads on screen spouting dry facts at the viewer. We had to come up with a novel way to approach the subject. We needed to fully preproduce the piece as we would be using city streets as well as the building. We needed to dress sets, score the music, story board, hire actors and additional crew members, all during COVID restrictions. This was a full movie production.


Keller Media Works brought on a writer and designed the concept for the film, that of narrators actually living in the various periods of history of the theater in order to tell the story. Research and pre pro for period costumes and theater facts were handled as well as the hiring of various cast and crew. We contacted the powers that be to close down the streets when we needed them and dressed the theater in period accouterments. For safety of everyone involved we created strict protocols and not a single crew member was sick during production. Logistically as well as actually concepting, producing and delivering this film, Keller Media Works really displayed our capabilities. And it was beyond fun creating this- the whole process!


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