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Splash shooting spring surf in Maine? Yes please! We love our work certainly but there are some productions that are just simply fun. This was one of them. Bee Good Seltzer approached us to help them spread the word about their new, uniquely flavored, alcoholic seltzers. They had some ideas but weren’t really sure how best to realize them. We worked closely with their team to  craft a short piece to tell an aspect of their story.


Bee Good wanted a short quick story to illustrate the lifestyle they associated with their product. Something uniquely Maine, something fun, fascinating and also something that gave back, Bee-ing Good for the world as well as yourself. The Piece was to be used on their site and social platforms as well.


Filming in the ocean in Maine in April is quite possibly the most difficult time due to water temp and equipment. Additionally we had to work around weather and conditions. Bee Good weren’t exactly sure how they wanted to portray their vison, aside from the initial concept.


We helped Bee Good through the process of identifying what aspects of lifestyle and responsibilities they wanted to focus on, keeping the exposure narrow in terms of illustrating unique Maine fun. Once that was confirmed in pre-production, our expertise in outdoor/water filming came into play and we relied on our professional equipment and capabilities to get us in the water on a wonderfully typical set of Maine days. The result was a fun and quick vignette of lifestyle for Bee Good.


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